Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 addictions

I have been tagged. Actually, I am kind of surprised. This is the first time I have been tagged on the blog. Luckily this is an easy tag.
My 5 biggest addictions are
1. digital scrapbooking According to my husband it is a big waste of time, but one day I'll have a really cool and large collection of scrapbooks
2. checking people's status on facebook This is how I know what people are up to.
3. This is my newest addiction Jade is suffering becuase of this new addiction, but I am having tons of fun

4. Mountain Dew, I think the longest I have ever quit for is 6 months. Maybe one day I'll quit for real.
5. Headlines. If I am not working on monday night (or if I can make it home in time) I will be watching Leno so I can watch headlines. After that, I change the channel.
Oh! I almost forgot. I tag Katie, Rachael, Laura, Dalene, and Kristina

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Alli E. said...

I love Jade's hair!! That is awesome!!