Monday, November 12, 2012

Personal Progress: the explanation of this label

 Remember how I used to be in the primary a year ago when I was actually posting....yeah, not so much anymore. I am now in Young Women's. :)
In case I have any nonmormon readers, Young Women's is an organization in our church where all the girls age 12-18 go. As a young women's leader, I teach lessons on sundays sometimes and attend wednessday night activities. It's fun stuff.
One thing we do in young women's is personal progress. It's a program of goal setting that encourages the girls to build a closer relationship with their Heaven Father and Jesus Christ, discover who they are, use their talents, and various other wonderfully awesome things. I actually did finish the program when I was a teenager, and received my young women's medallion. However, since then the program has been changed and as a leader I am allowed to do the program with the girls and earn it again :)
The new program involves alot of journaling. Since this is my journal, it only made since to me to put that stuff here.
So....if you see the label Personal Progress that is what I am talking about.

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