Saturday, January 15, 2011

How not to post on your blog

So, you may be wondering where I have been. Perhaps you have been thinking that I am having too much fun to post on my blog. Yeah, that is soooooo not the case. This is how blogging has worked for me lately
Monday: Caibo says something funny. I think to myself "I should post this on my blog" After the kids go to bed, I read the facebook, people of walmart, ect. I stop by blogger and see what everyone else is up to, I get distracted. I go to bed
Tuesday: I stop by blogger read everyone else's blogs. I try to think up something interesting I did today. Ummmm nothing. I play Zuma.
Wednesday: I play zuma. (I tell you Zuma is far too addicting for my own good)
Thursday: I read facebook, lamebook, people of walmart (I have to verify that my children haven't done something to land me on POW), and all my other nightly reading. Good night.
Friday: Dear So and So. I love dear so and so. Wait! My last 3 posts we dear so and so. I can't do dear so and so unless I actually post something real. Yeah, not happening. I play zuma.
Repeat Repeat Repeat.
And this is how it gets to be a month later and I still haven't posted on my blog.

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Rebecka said...

Yeah, me too. Stupid Zuma!