Wednesday, November 10, 2010

battling the backyard forest

Warning in advance: This post might end up a being whole lot of randomness

I'm sure somehow it is karma coming back to get me. That's what it has to be. I will probably be raking and bagging leaves until it snows. I am figuring 1 bag of leaves for everytime I bragged about how beautiful and green it is here in Tennessee. So far, I am at.....well I don't know how many bags, but I had to stop because I ran out of empty leaf bags. Maybe someday I will take and post a picture of my leaf bag tower for you all to see. Yeah, we all know how my picture taking promises usually end. But I do have some leaf raking thoughts for your amusement:
Confession, for a minute a thought it would be really fun to move all the leaves to the middle of the road and drive a car through them. You have to admit, it would look really cool. Don't worry, this is a thought I didn't act upon.
Today I am grateful for whoever came up with the brillian idea to put an mp3 player on a cell phone. This makes it possible for me to sing "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" really loud and off key for all my neighbors to hear. I'm sure they love it.
I am also greatful that my dad instilled in me a diverse taste in music, because naturally after "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" you must sing a John Denver song. That's just the way it is done.
Well, covers everything you need to know about me and the battle with the backyard forest. I will let you know who wins.

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