Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost a party.

Ok, so school got out on May 24th. They celebrated Jade's birthday at school on the 21st. I think it may have been her 7th day at her new school. Since they were celebrating her birthday, I decided to send out her birthday invitations. She handed out 19 invitations (I know, I may have lost my mind). I know that's alot of imformation. Are you with me so far?
Anyways, so the day of the party comes around and ZERO people have called. At this point I am not sure what to do. If I plan for all 19 nobody will come. If I plan for 1 or 2, all of the will come. It's murphy's law. That's just how it works.
Did I mention I hadn't purchased her gift, her cake, decorations, party favors, ect. It's called procrastination. That's how I work.
Saturday morning I was on a quest. Four hours later, I returned with no gift. I looked at "I can be" Barbies, but evidently the bride one only comes in the African American version in Tennessee and Kentucky. I looked at a million digital cameras (that's what she requested) but none were the right one. And the littlest pet shop selection got smaller at every store. Ok I lied, Caibo picked out some LPS.
As I was leaving the PX, the phone rang. I pulled over to return the call. (No talking and driving on base) While I was talking, Caibo opened the LPS packages. He said, "but Jade wants them open." He is such a helper. He gave them to Jade about 3 seconds after we got home. The truth is, he loves Jade and loves to give her presents, so much that he couldn't wait.
So, I spent all afternoon cleanning the house and baking the cupcakes. The party was supposed to start at 8pm (we planned to watch a movie in the back yard) At 7:59 pm the power went out.
Remember those 19 invitations Jade handed out? Only one of those kids came, and that was the boy across the street. The kids were all playing so well outside. I just let them play.
Finally, around 9:30 I gave in and let Jade decorate her cupcake by flashlight. I took one picture, and the power came back on.
Whoa! What a night! Well, it was almost a party.

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