Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Thought tuesday

Yay for randomness!
Ok so I totally tried to put the little random thought tuesday button(which by the way I saved as "randon") here FAIL.

Caibo has recently started singing along with the radio (which really brings to my attention just what I am listening to). His favorite is the one about "I make them good girls go bad". It's funny enough that he sings it, but he sings it really high. I'll have to make and post a video (we both know that won't happen any time soon).

The kids made me buy bologna AGAIN. I hate bologna. It falls somewhere on my list of evil food between pinto beans and immitation banana. (please don't tell the older boys I have a giant list of foods I hate) I only buy it for them because they eat it. I've decided that bologna is a flat hot dog.

There is this one mile stretch of freeway on the way to Hurricane that is suddenly 3 lanes. Why is it that we have 3 lanes in the middle of nowhere, but not in town?

I think Caibo is ambidexterous. Please hold while I google it, and see if there is anything interesting or helpful (In case I haven't already you can find anything on ebay and like 100 times more things on google usually things you don't want to find)
Links on the ambidextrous Defenition Becoming ambidextrous
Ok there was nothing super interesting, but I told my mom that being ambidextrous isn't a bad thing. I learned when I broke my elbow, that I eat and write with my left hand and do everything else with my right. I actually picked up using the mouse with my left hand pretty quickly. According to the definition, I am ambidextrous too. Evidently that's rare. I knew I was weird.
And that's enough random for tonight. I will be back soon with cool things I made while using the mouse with my left hand.

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