Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To pierce or not to pierce

In the last couple of days, Jade has started asking to get her ears pierced. I'm not entirely sure what brought it on. She says her friends have earrings and she wants them too. This is actually a topic that Jerry and I has discussed several times since Jade was born. In some ways, we kind of regretted not doing it when she was a baby. Anyways, I discussed it with Jerry, and he said he was Ok with it and would leave the final decision up to me. Before I commit one way or the other, I decided I would ask for opinions. So.... what do you think to pierce or not to pierce and Why?


Sharon said...

To me it depends on how mature your child is. For now my husband and I are thinking that we will wait until our daughter turns 12 and becomes a young woman in our church...then we will make a special "mom and daughter" day and go get pedicures, manicures and ears pierced. This is not set in stone though and we will re-evaluate each time she asks...for now we keep putting it off by telling her about how they shoot the earring into the ear...graphic I know...but at this point my daughter would be the one to get one ear done and then I would have to hold her down to get the other done. I figure if I talk about how scary it is eventually she will overcome and then I know for sure that she is serious.

Adrienne said...

We waited until Skylar was 8. More of a responisbility thing than anything. Skylar took care of her ears by herself, I just supervised. It will be the same for Dani.