Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My internet dependancy

Friday night there was an internet outage in my area, and for whatever reason I ended up with no internet until today. Now, 5 days isn't really that horrible. I mean people can go for weeks without the internet after a natural disaster. For me, 5 days was just enough to learn how dependant I am on the internet. I wasn't able to put any new products in my store. I didn't know what anyone was doing. I had no idea how much money I had in the bank. The worst of all was my house payment. I always pay it online. This time I had to make a phone call. I had to wait for the stupid automated system which told me it would cost me $15 dollars to make the payment over the phone. I waded my way through all the menus just to get directed to a customer service representative (because I have never paid over the phone). The first thing the customer service rep told me is that it would cost $20 to make a payment over the phone. Normally, I am a very nice person, but I had had enough, and I was not very nice to the poor dude. It worked. He only made me pay $15 to make my payment over the phone. Although I was not completely thrilled. I'll accept $15. It is much better than a late mortgage.

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